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Do Not Mention Her Name

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Do Not Mention Her Name

Post  Alexander Svart on Tue Apr 19, 2016 7:22 pm

The camera switches to backstage where Alexander Svart is seen walking around

Alexander Svart: Focus, focus, focus
I am up against the jackal tonight
I can not lose this match, I have to show her that I am the one
If not, everything has been for nothing

Alexander Svart suddenly stops and turns around

Are you still following me? Jump out from the shadows and have a real conversation

No one responds to Alexander Svart

I know you're there Noah! Come out!

Alexander Svart is still standing all by himself, no one is responding

Let's talk about the Dalecarlian Horse!

Finally, Noah Jones appears from the shadows

Flips coin falls head

Noah Jones: "It seems like you finally want to talk about something interesting"

Flips coin falls tails

Noah Jones: "You are finally done talking about the same crap as always!"

Flips coin falls heads

Noah Jones: "The Dalecarlian Horse, why is it important for you?"

Flips coin falls tails

Noah Jones: "What secret lies behind that object?"

Alexander Svart smiles

The secret behind them depends on your knowledge of them, what do you know about it?

Flips coin falls tails

Noah Jones: "Why are you talking in riddles? Answer my question!"

Flips coin falls heads

Noah Jones: "I have to admit that my knowledge of the Dalecarlian horse is slim"

Flips coin falls tails

Noah Jones: "So speak up! What is the secret?"

The smile on Alexander Svart's face grows bigger as he starts to walk around Noah Jones

You see my friend
Mr. "Face of insanity"
You mentioned last week about how I should not pretend to be one of you
But the truth is that I ended up in an insane asylum when I were younger
Now if I really am insane or not is nothing I care about
but I ended up there, and the only item I was allowed to take with me was a black Dalecarlian Horse

Alexander Svart stands next to Noah Jones and whispers in his ear

So tell me, why does this matter to you?

Flips coin falls head

Noah Jones: "Everythin matters when one wants to have control, didn't you know that my so called friend?"

Flips coin falls tails

Noah Jones: "Enough playing around"

Flips coin falls heads

Noah Jones: "The insane asylum, Dalecarlian Horse, Helena Noir... All of this sounds like a man who is trying to play a game"

Noah Jones flips the coin, but Alexander Svart catches it midair and throws it away

Do not mention her name around me

Noah Jones stares at Alexander Svart, his eyes filled with anger. Noah Jones then jump on Alexander Svart and the two starts trading blows

They make their way around the backstage area, trading blow after blow, throwing each other on the walls and doors,  throwing everything they see at each other

After a while security appears and tries to stop the two men to little prevail
Noah Jones and Alexander Svart starts taking down the security guards before turning their attention back to each other

After a while, some RXN members appears and tries to calm them down. Frankie O'Donald, Gregory Star, the Paranoia Champion Mr. Showtime, Devan Little, Mantis Tunks and El Astro all runs towards Noah Jones and Alexander Svart and drags them away from each other

Noah Jones and Alexander Svart tries to fight their way free, but to no prevail

Finally the two men calms down and are released as more security guards appear

Alexander Svart finds a little opening and runs towards Noah Jones
Alexander Svart then jumps up and hits Noah Jones in the face with his knee executing a Dalecarlian Horse

Alexander Svart stands above the knocked out Noah Jones as the camera fades away
Alexander Svart

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